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Smartmetric announces agreement with Redsys to manufacture biometric financial cards with the EMV Advantis chip.

Advantis Cash: security and ease of payments in Covid-19 times

Here at Advantis we work every day to improve the security, flexibility and reliability throughout the use of payment methods and now, more than ever, to offer payment solutions that avoid the use of cash.
Our Advantis Cash proprietary electronic wallet is based on a reloadable prepaid application with the following advantages:

Spending control.
Minimizing the risk in case of theft or loss.
Use in loyalty programs.
No need for an associated bank account.
Convenience in offline environments.

Advantis Cash goes beyond payment and offers countless […]

The true meaning of EMV

Is it easy to dedicate an article to the origin of the EMV standard and the meaning of its acronym?
Just three letters. A quick and direct search over the internet reveals thousands of pages with very similar results between them.
This is why today we want to teach you a completely different way of understanding the EMV standard with a distinct approach to the meaning of these letters.
In the world of EMV cards, Advantis has established itself as the leading […]